About Us

The land that Lucas and Elise currently farm has been in Lucas's family since 1922 Lucas is the fourth generation to farm this land. His late grandfather, Matthew Gordeuk was a dairy and crop farmer. Matthew preserved this farmland in the early 1990's to prevent it from being developed, which is part of land we are lucky to still farm today. Lucas and Elise decided to start raising animals to provide for their family after they had kids.Lucas liked the growing C.S.A. movement that was starting in the area after our son was born. After much thought and hard work Lucas and Elise decided to start their pasture-raised and grass-fed based meat C.S.A. Now in their fourth year, they  love providing the best quality of meat to not only their friends and family but also the whole community. After many successful years of providing sustainably raised meat for the community, they are excited to be able to bring their pasture-raised meat to your door step!