About Us

We are a family farm raising pasture-raised kids, pigs, chickens, turkeys and cows. We've offered a meat C.S.A. (community, supported, agriculture) on our farm since 2015. We enjoy providing delicious, quality meat to our local community and beyond. Raising animals on pasture in the lush grass and sunshine while regenerating the soil of our hay fields and pastures is the way nature intended it to be. The taste of our meat and eggs is unlike the kind you purchase in your big box stores. We raise these animals from day old chicks and poults and our pigs farrow in our pastures. Our cows are born on our farm as well. We have complete control over each animal we raise, therefore we know what goes into our product. Which on our farm is our pasture-raised, non-G.M.O., meat and eggs. We are grateful to be able to work as a family to continue to provide a product that is healthy and delicious to our community year after year.